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Jury Panel

All MECOTY Jurors have one thing in common; a passion for impartial motoring journalism and the unrelenting desire to provide the most up to date and accurate test drive reviews. They have been chosen for their formidable experience and expertise and are known for their unbiased reviews.

The Jurors for MECOTY are handpicked to represent their respective countries. They have their pulse on the industry and know their valves from their pistons. They are on a journey, a quest, in pursuit of finding the best cars in the region.

Amit Benjamin
Editor-in-Chief & COO
United Arab Emirates

Arnab Saha

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Arnab Saha is the Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of CarbonOctane.com

The site primarily focuses on the premium segments of the Automotive Industry in Dubai along with some cutting edge techniques in photography. Our approach to writing is different as we talk about the feel and character of the vehicle. A light hearted read on some great automobiles of our times.

Fadi Takieddine Editor
Editor in Chief/ ArabsTurbo
United Arab Emirates

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Fadi Takieddine is a well-known Arabic Automotive Journalist worked with many prestigious titles such as Top Gear, wheels, Auto Middle East and many others.

His passion for cars, especially the sporty ones, was the main reason Fadi made the tough decision to leave the Human Resources high ranking position he once held and devote his entire schedule to write about what he likes to call “the charming machine with four wheels”.

Despite the accumulated experience he gained over the years as an Automotive Journalist, Fadi still considers himself to be that young man fascinated by cars and engines, because for him Automotive Journalism is a passion…not just a profession.

Ghaith Madadha
Motoring Columnist
Jordan Times

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A motoring journalist since 2002, Ghaith madadha has at one point or the other contributed to most English language publications in Jordan, in addition to several UAE and Gulf-based publications.

A former member of the UK-based Guild of Motoring Writers, Ghaith is The Jordan Times’ long-serving Motoring Columnist, Motoring Editor at U Men magazine and Motoring Contributor at Venture and VivMag magazines.

Gilbert Rahme
AutoLiban Magazine

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Started my career in the automotive industry as a motoring journalist in AUTOLIBAN Magazine, Lebanon. My first published review was published in 2003 and then there was no looking back.

In 2008 I became the Editor-in Chief of AUTOLIBAN Magazine and since then have participated in numerous international drive events for all major brands worldwide.

In 2014 I became the Editor and Presenter of ’QUICK SHIFT' - An automotive program on LBCI and LDC TV and also launched the AUTO KUWAIT Magazine in Kuwait.

Jameel Azhar
Editor & Test Drive Specialist
Saudi Auto LIVE

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I have always considered myself to have gasoline running through my veins. I grew up around cars and the automotive industry my entire life, so it was only natural to become an automotive journalist.

Nothing made it more evident than when a family friend brought over his 1992 Toyota Supra-and in that instance I knew that I wanted to learn as much as I could possibly learn about that car.

A car is a vessel, an escape from your surroundings. To drive a vehicle is like playing a delicate musical instrument. A drive should be harmonious and the notes of the vehicle should be expressed gracefully without the car being forced over the edge. It allows you to travel to anywhere you desire. For that I amend my fellow petrol-heads because we all know that all vehicles allow for one single expression—freedom.

Mohammed Kayani
Arabia Motors

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Mohammed A.Hameed Kayani is the Editor of Bahrain's premiere Motoring Magazine Arabia Motors and has over 13 years of experience in the automotive journalism field.

Published in English Arabia Motors is distributed throughout the GCC with special emphasis to KSA, AM has achieved something of a cult status amongst car enthusiasts in the region. "We focus on the pulse of car enthusiasts in the region, through reading trends and car culture," says Kayani.

During the span of his career the Bahraini editor has driven all kinds of vehicles with equal enthusiasm making him something of a 'car nut' with eccentric tendencies. From Bugattis, Venom GTs and Mclarens to Toyotas, Kias and Geelys, Kayani has been through them all. Stepping out of a cement mixer truck, he famously stated "If it’s got more than two wheels and horsepower, I want to drive it!"

Marouf Hussain Chowdhury
United Arab Emirates

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Marouf has been an integral part of DriveArabia.com since its inception in 2004, initially in a support capacity, then as a freelancer, and now as a full-blown editor, overseeing the news section and the car buyer guide on a daily basis, aside from attending media-drive events and getting seat-time in all the test cars. In between his stints at DriveArabia.com, he was also the web editor at a well-known sports newspaper in a past life, before switching to cars full-time.

Mohamad Sheta
Managing Editor

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Mohamed Sheta is considered one of the most influential motoring media personalities in Egypt and the Middle East region, due to his diversified activities and vast experience of over 24 years in the automotive, motorsport and media sectors in the Middle East and Europe.

He is also a well-known and internationally-acknowledged road safety expert and was the chairman and delivered road safety speeches and presentations in Arabic, English and German language at several regional and international road safety and automotive conference in the GCC, North Africa and Europe, Sheta was born in 1974 in Cairo and was brought up in Germany, the Mecca of the automotive and motorsport industry. Being raised in the German capital Bonn, which is located only 20 minutes away from the world-famous Nuerburgring, aka as Green Hell, it was inevitable that Sheta became infected with the automotive and motorsport virus in his childhood.

In 1984 returned with his family to Cairo, and stayed there until he finished his German high-school diploma (Abitur) at the German school in Dokki. After that he returned back to Germany in 1994 where he studied Business Management and Economics and at the same time started doing test-drives on the famous German Autobahns and on closed racing circuits such as the Nuerburgring, Hockenheimring and Eurospeedway.

Mohamed Sheta started participating and working in the motorsport and desert rallies back in 1992, when he started working for several years in the organization team of the Pharao’s Rally.

Since then Sheta became a passionate hobby racing driver and participated in various championships in Europe and the Middle East such as the German New Beetle Cup or the sport auto Drift Challenge on the Hockenheim F1 racing circuit.

Parallel to that he started writing for several German-, English- and Arabic-speaking newspaper and magazines in Europe and the Middle East.

In 2004 Mohamed Sheta became Publisher and Managing Editor of the pan-Arab car magazine Auto Arabia, which is published in both Arabic and English language.

He is also the producer of Auto Arabia TV and Editor-In-Chief of www.autoarabia.org , one of the leading opinion-making automotive portals in Egypt and the Middle East. In 2012 Mohamed Sheta launched the first 3-hours-long live automotive radio show in Egypt and the Middle East, which aired every Wednesday from 4-7pm on Radio Masr (FM 88.7) and in which he talks about the role of media in raising both public and media awareness, regarding road safety and traffic issues in Egypt, as well as automotive and motorsport issue.

Sheta is a frequent guest-commentator in several business and motor-sport shows on leading TV and radio stations in Europe and the Middle East region, such as BBC Arabic and Al Ghad Al Araby TV in London, Radio Monte Carlo and France24 TV in Paris, Deutsche Welle TV in Berlin, where he comments on the latest developments in the automotive and motorsport field.

Mohamed Sheta also has a weekly segment in the Breakfast Show on Nile TV International, every Wednesday live-on-air from 08.30am to 09.00am Cairo local time.

In addition to representing Egypt in the MECOTY jury panel, Mohamed Sheta is also representing Egypt and the Middle East region in four other internationally-renowned automotive awards.

Sheta is founder and organizer of the Egyptian Car of the Year Award and is also speaker of the Egyptian Automotive Media Council. He is also founder of the exclusive Diplomatic Drivers Club in Germany and in Egypt.

As a well-known road safety expert and experienced driving instructor with over two decades of experience in the automotive and motorsport field, Sheta produced several TV and radio reports about road safety, and organizes regularly theoretical training sessions about road safety as well as practical Defensive Driving Trainings.

Sheta also works as an advisor for several regional and international institutions, ministries as well as for international companies in matters related to road safety, defensive driving training and armoured vehicles.

Sheta is based in Cairo and Dubai, and commutes regularly between Egypt, Germany and the UAE.

Mostafa Fakhri
Managing Editor / Producer
Automobile Magazine / Future TV

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Mostafa Fakhri is the Managing Editor of Automobile Magazine, a monthly Pan Arab magazine published in Arabic, considered as one of the leaders in the industry.

Raised in a family of motoring journalists (Ibrahim Fakhri his father is one of the founders of the motoring journalism in the Middle East). Mostafa started his career in 2002.

Aside from his position in Automobile Magazine, Mostafa is also one of the producers of Automobile Show on Future TV.

Presenter of the most popular automotive television show in the region – Driven!Click here for more info www.actionha.net

Nabil Al Hassan
Arab Motors - Qatar

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One of the pioneers of motorsports and motoring journalism in the region with over 20 years of experience.

Nicholas Cooksey
Arabian Magazines

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Nicholas Cooksey is publisher and owner of Arabian Magazines and Gulf Insider Media groups. Being a media publisher has enabled him to combine his love of cars with his love for writing and communication. For over fifteen years he has been regularly writing and publishing informative reviews for all types of cars, from the most exotic to the most mundane, across numerous titles and for different types of readerships.

Arabian Magazines publish many of Bahrain’s favorite magazine titles including Bahrain Confidential (est. 2001), Areej (est. 2004), and Bahrain101 – The Best of Bahrain (est. 2015).

Gulf Insider Media publish Gulf Insider (est. 2004) - Bahrain’s only dedicated men’s magazine, focusing on fashion, business, and lifestyle. For further details visit www.ArabianMagazines.com

Presenter of the most popular automotive television show in the region – Driven!Click here for more info www.actionha.net

Raj Warrior
Managing Editor
AutoMan Magazine

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Raj Warrior is the managing editor of Automan Magazine and has been a part of the Middle East's automotive landscape from the past 15 years. He has run top rung car magazines in India and Oman and is often referred to as the Automan of Oman. With a background in mechanics, mechanisms and software programming, he is able to visualise the intricate workings of the modern automobile and brings a mix of technical and lifestyle based assessment to his writing.

He is also an avid Photographer, often shooting the cars and motorcycles he tests for the magazine. As comfortable on a motorcycle as he is in cars, Raj is driven by his love affair with all things on wheels and brings his passion to all his automotive ventures.

Raj has chosen Oman as his home base because he loves the country, its friendly people and its great driving and riding roads.

Shereen Shabnam
Millennium Millionaire Group
Capital Business / Executive Women Magazine
All about Wheels, Smart Women Lifestyle

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Shereen Shabnam, a PR specialist and a prolific luxury Lifestyle and Motoring writer on for various publications, is from the Coral Coast of Fiji Islands.

Fluent in a number of languages, Shereen worked within the marketing PR and media industry in the Middle East for over 16 years and contributes Motoring articles to four print and two online publications.

She is the Editor in Chief of the Millennium Millionaire magazine for over 12 years. She writes for leading regional PR agencies and is on the Editorial Board of Executive Women, Capital Business, 800 Lifestyle and MADAME magazines.

Shereen is a founding member of the Middle East PR Association, Board member of the UAE Corvette Club and is part of the International Business Women’s Group for the past 12 years.

She loves writing, travelling, yachting, road trips with her Porsche Cayenne Turbo and track racing.

Zaran Tarapore
Content Manager

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Zaran began his journey in the automotive realm while studying at University in Dubai. From a summer internship where he helped get YallaMotor.com off the ground, to gathering over four years of experience in the industry, he has grown to become an extremely familiar face in the regional automotive landscape. Today, he holds the role of Content & Social Media Manager at YallaMotor.com where he manages all aspects of content and social media for the publication’s 930,000+ readers.

YallaMotor.com is one of the most popular car buying guides in the Middle East. Launched in August 2012, YallaMotor.com aims to make cars simple. We intend to make car research, car buying and car selling as simple as possible for residents of the Middle East North Africa region. YallaMotor.com has been at the forefront of providing updated regional and local new car reviews, prices, specs, features and comparative analysis. Currently, YallaMotor.com serves over 930,000 car buyers per month across the GCC region where they operate.